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 Welcome to Dandy Dream Review!

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About Dandy Dream Review

      I’ve been vividly dreaming since I was a little girl. Over time, I taught myself about the dream world and decided to teach what I knew and make delving into dreams my life. Please let my 15 years experience speak for itself as we delve into the layers of the Collective Unconscious and become individuated. I use a combination of dream analysis styles from Freud, Jung, and Perls alongside intuition and feeling to unlock the messages that are sent to you by your subconscious and the Self. To learn more about dreaming, check out my blog and look for coming events. I will provide free classes about interacting with your dreams and more topics, so please check in often. My blog focuses on a modernized list of archetypes and an honest analysis of my personal dreams. I’ve noticed repeating themes in waking life that echo the older known archetypes and thought that a list of newer ones would be entertaining. I feel that by being open and telling you about dreams I’m showing that I am growing too and that we are all in a position to learn more about ourselves and the nature of the Universe. I keep a log of the interesting dreams on Medium- another blog site for stories- and interpret those on the blog as well. If you are interested I’ve also made a podcast about different animes, movies, and video games called “If It Were A Dream”. It comes out as often as I finish the media in hopes to spark conversations about how our creativity can connect us all and what parts of ourselves that we keep in the shadows. Check out my “Social Media” page on the blog and connect with me on Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Spiritual Unite. Videos coming to Youtube and Vimeo soon as well as other services in connection with the Review.

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