The Other Superheroes: Longevity



There have always been stories with a person who has lived for a long time, and of the few that I’ve come across there is a fire in their heart that makes the option of giving in incomprehensible. This is the Martyr archetype: giving it all you’ve got for the sake of others. It may seem honorable, but it can also be toxic. Romeo and Juliet are an example of the Martyr archetype. They believe so much in having each other that they killed themselves. In modern life, sacrificing everything for others can make you feel used and abused. This is a hero who sacrifices possibly knowing that the people could never give back. The Shadow and Outcast are also present within this archetype: someone who must live outside of time, because they cannot die. This is an alienation that signifies a great need for inner reckoning. Knowing thy Self more deeply- or the heroic struggle to do so- is present in this archetype.

More specifically, if you dream of Wolverine- a man with the ability to heal from anything who has animalistic capabilities and survived adamantium being grafted to his skeleton-  it would mean that you are a badass! But more seriously, it’s possible that you have suffered quite a lot of abuse in your life, but still go on living with a heart for others. Even though his life is dark he has a soft spot for humanity and connects with that because he believes in others. Dreaming of being Wolverine would signify an acceptance that you are not your circumstances.

If you dream of Helen Magnus from the TV Show Sanctuary then you may be feeling the need to protect something or someone even at the cost of your life. In Sanctuary, Magnus oversees the operations of a group of people and “abnormals” so that they can remain a myth and mystery to the world. That is quite the secret, so there may be a need to keep something protected. On the other hand, you may need to let go of something that you are keeping hidden for the sake of someone else.

One character- that I didn’t think about until my fiancé brought him up- is Spock. Vulcans live twice as long as humans, so Spock and his race would count in this one. I believe that Spock holds a similar archetypal definition to a Jedi, but the difference in the long life of a Vulcan would change the meaning. Click here to read about the Jedi.  Instead of being a repressed individual, it would denote a person who is trying to repress themselves for the good of another. This is where a relationship is beginning to become toxic. Please work it out with this individual or make the choice for your own benefit to separate yourself from them. On the other hand, if we pay more attention to his Vulcan traits and personality, Spock could mean that you are willing to fight for not only mankind but all of the universe. If this is true, I can only imagine that an individual like this sees a bigger picture and only sees a bigger picture. Logically, for you, the need to defend all of creation would seem a reasonable fate. However, don’t let this turn into a God complex. You may see what others cannot see, but remember that you heart beats the same as everybody else. Instead, why not try to express what you see and teach others to see the bigger picture.

I hope this archetype was enjoyable! Next up, omnipresent heroes! Please like and share this archetype with your friends. If you want to see more of these look through my other pages and read my other blogs. You can also follow my blog, my twitter or my Facebook page to get in on the Collective Unconscious swimming I do on this blog. Keep your eyes open for my newer developments as they happen.

Sweet Dreams!


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